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Helpful hints to ensure your brain remains on board


The more (or sometimes the less as in don’t fret) you think about it the ageing brain can still be a formidable friend.

This is not a call to sit back on your laurels and bathe in the glory of brain power feats-of-wonder from the past. 

The adage ‘use it or lose it’ has particular merit in keeping your mental faculties as fit as possible. Jump up and celebrate that some of the most powerful brain motivated moments lie in front of you.

Here are some suggestions to maximize performance and gain the benefits of a well ageing brain.

Take your brain for a walk. 

Getting regular exercise is also important. Physical exercise is the best-documented way to preserve brain function. It helps you to lay down new memories and better focus on the tasks ahead of you. Thirty minutes of moderate exercise on most days is all you need.

Make a list.

Write down the times when you've zoned out, forgotten what you were doing, or misplaced something you need. Were you doing something so routine—driving a familiar route or shopping at the supermarket—that you may not have to give it much conscious thought? Were you under stress, like rushing to an appointment? Building up this portfolio of situations can help you better prepare and plan around life management. 

Practice being more aware in similar situations.

One way to do this is to describe what you're doing as you do it. For example: "I'm driving down the road leading to home, "I'm putting my keys on the hall table." This play-by-play commentary is going to help you remember what you have done.

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Date Published: 25 January 2019

Review Date: 25 January 2022