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Community services for older adults

Supporting older people to connect with their wider communities

As we age, some of us can find ourselves becoming more reclusive. Family may have moved away, friends pass, and our own health starts to fail. Core to Selwyn’s charitable mission is to care for those over the age of 65 who are lonely or socially isolated.

  • Waiuku Selwyn Centre, St Andrew's Centre,  85 Queen St, Waiuku Waiuku Selwyn Centre, St Andrew's Centre,  85 Queen St, Waiuku

    Selwyn Centres

    Friendship, help and support for older people. Drop in for a cup of tea at any of the following Selwyn Centres in your area.

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  • Dementia Day Services

    We provide services for older people who have a diagnosis of dementia and others, who benefit from a stimulating, social environment. The emphasis is on restorative care in a relaxed and fun environment. The service also offers support to carers and whanau.

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  • Community Transport

    Being able to reconnect older people to their wider community and to others in a similar situation is paramount to their wellbeing. We have age-friendly vans, which can accommodate wheelchairs to offer a community transport service to Haumaru Housing tenants across Auckland.

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  • Activities and Events

    Our aim is to eliminate social isolation and loneliness from the lives of our older people. Weekly get-togethers at Selwyn Centres. As well as activities and events in the local community.

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