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Selwyn Services and Power Failure

Selwyn Services and Power Failure

The Selwyn Services we provide to residents in their villas and apartments, including the technologies connected to the use of landline phones, are provided over a fibre or fixed wireless landline service and, to operate, rely on the power provided to each home. In the event of a power cut, the landline phone in in our villas and apartments (if any) may not work and residents may be unable to call 111 emergency services for the duration of the power cut.

The 111 Contact Code 

The 111 Contact Code ensures that people who are more likely to need to contact 111, and who have a phone service that doesn't work in a power failure (with no other means of contacting 111 at their premises), are provided with a means to contact the 111 emergency service. A code has been established in collaboration with the New Zealand Commerce Commission and the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum.

Alternative means of contacting emergency services during a power failure

Please use your mobile phone to dial 111 in the event of an emergency. If you do not have unrestricted access to a mobile phone, then you may be eligible to register as a vulnerable consumer by following the process below.

Criteria for becoming registered as a “Vulnerable Consumer”

To be covered by the 111 Contact Code and apply to become registered as a “Vulnerable Consumer”, a person must:

  • be at particular risk of requiring the 111 emergency service (either now or sometime in the near future) due to health, safety or disability reasons; and
  • in the event of a power failure, not have a means to contact the 111 emergency service at their premises that can work for a continuous 8-hour period. ie a mobile phone.

How the process works
If you feel you qualify to be registered as a vulnerable consumer, please fill out the form attached or contact Selwyn Village reception. Once you have filled out the form, your application will be considered and we will contact you to discuss your application further.

If your application is approved, Selwyn Village will provide your premises with either a mobile phone or backup power supply capable providing access to 111 emergency services for a minimum of 8 hours during a power failure. This equipment will be provided free of charge, and we will check every 12 months to ensure it remains necessary and fit for purpose.

No telecommunications provider in New Zealand is permitted to deny or cease offering retail landline services to a customer on the basis that they know or suspect that a customer may be a vulnerable consumer.

Fill in the form below.


You, or a representative, may make a complaint related to a matter arising under the 111 Contact Code application process to the Industry Dispute Resolution Scheme, or to the Commerce Commission.