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Spirituality - What’s good for the soul is good for you


Spirituality means different things to different people. Some find it through religion. For others, it’s about family and whānau, or looking within themselves or in nature. At the Selwyn Foundation, we define spirituality as the combination of your creativity and your beliefs. Each person is unique and we’re here to help with your spiritual care – meeting you as needed.

Selwyn Chaplaincy

Our chaplains work alongside staff at both Selwyn Village and the six villages sold to Metlifecare in February 22, to care for the wellbeing of everyone in the villages.
We’re here to help residents through challenging times with illness, disability, grief, life changes, or broken or estranged relationships.

We can assist with:

  • processing grief and loss
  • achieving forgiveness and reconciliation
  • facing personal mortality
  • simplifying life via reviewing and prioritising possessions and activity
  • connecting with other generations to mentor and share wisdom
  • developing contemplative practices
  • leaving a legacy
  • expressing gratitude.

The best life is one that’s vibrant, valued and connected. Our spiritual care seeks to build on and enhance life experience, reflect on and integrate painful and joyous episodes, and maintain wholesome spirituality for each stage of life.

When requested, we provide spiritual care for residents as they transition through their final years of life, and support their family/whānau. Our chaplains may also participate in inter-disciplinary team care and advocacy for the older person as required, and assist with preparation for end of life care and funerals.

Our work is pastoral and spiritual care. “Spiritual” does not have to be “religious” – spiritual wellbeing is all that supports our sense of purpose, meaning, and value in life, and this may or may not be religion. We’ll provide Anglican Christian services and religious care for those that desire it. Alternatively, our care may be as simple as taking time to be present with you, celebrating your joys and listening to your concerns. 

Our residents decide the best way for us to support them, as and when they want.


  • Our Chaplains

    "We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey" - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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The Selwyn Way

The Selwyn Way is our unique and holistic approach to the care and wellbeing of all who connect with the Foundation and includes the spiritual and religious dimension of wellbeing, underpinned by our Christian faith.  Our services and ethics embody these principles, respecting the variety inherent in Tikanga Maori, Tikanga Pakeha and Tikanga Pacifica, and embracing the diversity of cultures, values and spirituality that are present within contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand.

Chaplains' Reflections

Watch our Reflections

During New Zealand's Covid-19 lockdown our Chaplains were streaming their daily reflections online. You can enjoy our current selection of reflections on our YouTube channel - Click the link below to select a reflection from the playlist.