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The Selwyn Foundation recognises the value of knowledge. This is why The Selwyn Institute invests in research and aspires to share all that we know to achieve better outcomes for older people.

As the knowledge hub of The Selwyn Foundation, The Selwyn Institute has established a substantial source of information to support older people and their families. The Institute explores and understands the challenges and desires faced by older people and keeps abreast of global best practice for Aged Care, making it relevant for all who need it. 

The Selwyn Institute supports a wide range of gerontology research, in addition to assisting universities with studies that influence the wellbeing of older people. By investing in quality learning, teaching and research opportunities, we aim to enhance the well-being of our residents, and of New Zealand's ageing population as a whole. Follow the grants and scholarships page for more information.

The Selwyn Institute is committed to opening up growth and skill opportunities that help our staff, the staff of other Aged Care providers, and our residents and their families. We hope to foster further partnerships, facilitate education, and advocate for wellbeing and the care of older people. View our collections on the presentations page. 

In the Research Section, you will find commissioned research from The Selwyn Institute, along with pilot studies, and partnerships with other organisations.

Navigate the tabs above to find more information on grants and scholarships, Selwyns commissioned research, presentations from previous conferences on ageing, articles from contributors to the learning hub. 

If you would like The Selwyn Foundation to support your research, please download the following application >>

Research application and procedure

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