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16 Dec 2020

Haumaru Housing

Providing affordable rental housing in inclusive, age-friendly communities for enhanced wellbeing

Despite the challenges of this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, Community Housing Provider, Haumaru Housing – our joint venture with Auckland Council – continued to go from strength-to-strength and celebrated several successful milestones in its work to provide affordable rental housing for older people in need of a long-term, secure rental tenancy.

Haumaru Housing marked its third anniversary on 1 July 2020 with the news that tenants’ total satisfaction with its services had risen significantly over the previous 12 months – up from 72% to an impressive 91% (aggregated score). In its annual survey, which was conducted over the COVID lockdown period, major increases in tenants’ satisfaction levels were recorded across all areas of Haumaru’s service delivery, including its maintenance of the housing units (which rose to 96%) and of the village grounds (90%). Tenants’ satisfaction with their level of connection and involvement went up to 93%, as did their rating of the service provided by Haumaru staff, whilst 92% of villagers felt safe in their homes. All in all, the overall satisfaction rate jumped to 95% (up from 68% in 2019), a resounding endorsement of the quality standards that are a hallmark of the Haumaru approach.

Wilsher Village opened in Henderson in December 2019

Another highlight of the last year was the full occupation in January of Haumaru’s new four-storey building in Henderson, which opened just before Christmas 2019. Offering warm, dry homes in a new style of housing for seniors, the Wilsher Village complex comprises a total of forty one-bedroom, self-contained apartments. All units were let within six weeks, an indication of the considerable demand for affordable social housing that exists amongst older people. The new development brings the number of villages that Haumaru manages across North, South and West Auckland to 63, encompassing a total of 1,452 units.

Wilsher Village tenants and Haumaru Housing CEO Gabby Clezy (back row) at the village’s first morning tea on 14 February 2020.

A key focus for Haumaru Housing is the creation of positive and inclusive age-friendly communities that support older people’s resilience and connectivity and where social isolation and loneliness are eliminated. To boost its tenants’ feelings of belonging, sense of community and opportunity for social connection, Haumaru self-funds a busy schedule of weekly outings and day-trips (which are facilitated under contract by the Foundation’s Health and Wellbeing team in the Selwyn community minivans). It also finances its tenants’ participation in Selwyn’s ‘Forever Young’ strength and balance exercise classes and attendance at the specialist Strength and Wellness studios, as part of its ongoing programme to support tenant wellbeing.

Having security of tenure in a safe, warm and secure living environment is fundamental to physical and mental wellbeing. So many more older people are now in affordable rental housing and healthy homes thanks to Haumaru Housing, which is providing an effective and practical response to the housing needs of vulnerable older Aucklanders.

For more information on Haumaru Housing, visit haumaruhousing.co.nz, email info@haumaruhousing.co.nz, or call 0800 430 101.