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16 Mar 2017

Innovative new aged care homes to feature unique model of care

The Selwyn Foundation is soon to start building a 90-bed residential aged care home at its Selwyn Village site in Point Chevalier (Auckland), in addition to its multi-purpose developments currently under construction at Selwyn Oaks (Papakura) and Selwyn St Andrew’s (Cambridge).

The design of the new $28 million, two-storey centre at Selwyn Village has been inspired by the most innovative thinking in residential aged care provision and service delivery.

‘In designing the layout of the building and planning the services to be offered, we’ve looked to international best practice, with the aim of reinventing how residential aged care is provided in New Zealand,’ says Garry Smith, The Selwyn Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer.

‘By having small communities or ‘households’ of twelve residents within the larger community of the care home, the new residence will provide an environment where people who live there have a real sense of belonging and are truly at home.’

Each household will function like a home: residents will have their own room with ensuite, which will open onto a large lounge and dining/kitchen area, with care staff there to support life in the household. One of the households will be slightly larger than the others and is designed for eighteen people with dementia. The building will also include a large community hub which will have a multi-functional room for hobbies and recreation, a café, shop, clinic, hairdresser and place for worship, for all to enjoy. There will be on-site parking for visitors and staff, in addition, as well as extensive landscaping.

The design of the new development is age-friendly in all respects, easy to navigate and with accessibility features, so people will be as supported and as independent as possible. Residents will be able to lead as active a lifestyle as they wish and will have opportunities to play a role in their particular household – using the kitchen or laundry, for example, as they would have done previously – with family and friends welcome to be part of the life of their loved ones.

The household design will also support Selwyn’s new ‘care partnership’ approach, which will provide care planning focussed on all aspects of a person’s wellbeing.

‘With our care partnership approach, our residents direct us on what’s important for them, and our care team then formulate a personal and tailored care plan based on the person’s unique needs and what they want out of life. The care team has a guiding role and will support the individual to make the best decisions about their own wellbeing and lifestyle within the care home,’ says Mr Smith.

Ivan Ward Care Centre, Selwyn Village
Ivan Ward Care Centre, Selwyn Village

The initial site works will start towards the end of March, with completion planned for August 2018.

The Foundation is also constructing a three-storey, 48-room residential care and community amenities centre at its Selwyn Oaks village in Papakura and a three-storey complex comprising a 24-bed care suite, independent living apartments and community amenities at its Selwyn St Andrew’s village in Cambridge. Each centre will also offer Selwyn’s unique ‘household’ model of care, which has been developed by the Foundation’s Institute for Ageing and Spirituality and draws upon our 60-plus years’ experience in delivering care.

The three new-builds represent an investment total of almost $50 million and will be fully financed by The Selwyn Foundation. The work is part of the Foundation’s ten-year Growth Plan to revitalise its existing village sites and further improve the services and facilities available.

‘These new care homes are tremendously exciting for The Selwyn Foundation and represent a brand new concept in care delivery, which we call ‘The Selwyn Way’ and is unlike any other in New Zealand. Offering an array of innovative design features and an advanced model of care, they’ll enable us to provide personalised care and services that enhance older people’s wellbeing and will be worthy of our senior citizens for many years to come,’ says Mr Smith.

The Selwyn Foundation care partnership approach