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07 Mar 2024

New report by the Aged Care Commissioner calls for a coordinated strategy in service provision for older New Zealanders

The ‘Amplifying the voices of older people in Aotearoa New Zealand’ report released today by the Aged Care Commissioner points to a lack of dedicated, coordinated strategy and planning for the health needs of an ageing population and the difficulty in accessing appropriate supports in the community. The impacts on the wellbeing of those who are involved are considerable and may diminish people’s quality of life and lead to loneliness for the older person and potentially their whānau.

The report highlights that providing care in a person’s home is an integral part of keeping people well and enables them to realise their full potential as they age. The Selwyn Foundation similarly advocates for enabling support to older people in their local neighbourhoods through our strategic vision ‘Respectful Ageing for all, within communities that thrive’, Oranga Mātua | Oranga Tangata.

Examples of the practical support we provide in this area include our Anchorage mate wareware (dementia) day care centre in Panmure which offers a quality, local service for older Aucklanders who are living with dementia in Panmure, Glen Innes and Point England. As mentioned in the Aged Care Commissioner’s report, our transport service for tenants of community housing provider Haumaru Housing (our housing for older people partnership with Auckland Council) enables older people to remain independent and socially connected in their neighbourhood. Our thriving network of Selwyn Centres also helps to keep people connected, and the guests who attend these lively morning programmes enjoy greater wellbeing as a result.

In our capacity as a funder and co-investor, the Foundation is working with others to respond to the increasing inequities that are preventing people from ageing well. We encourage anyone interested in making a positive impact in the lives of older people with great need to join alongside us, so that all New Zealanders have the opportunity to age respectfully and with dignity within communities that will thrive as a result.

The Selwyn Foundation commends the Aged Care Commissioner on her report, which provides valuable insights into the challenges facing older people in accessing appropriate services and includes 20 recommendations designed to influence future improvements in the sector. You can read the report here.