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18 Feb 2019

Selwyn Oaks’ Village and Care Manager selected for exciting knowledge-exchange programme in Japan

Our Selwyn Oaks’ Village and Care Manager, Diana Okeme, has travelled to Japan to take part in a two-week young leaders’ development programme called the ‘Community Core Leadership Programme’.

Selwyn was invited by the Office for Seniors to submit a nominee for the programme, which is funded by the Japanese government. The programme has been established to create a cohesive society by bringing together young leaders who work in the areas of disabilities, older people and youth, so that they might learn from each other, engage in joint problem-solving, consider different cultural perspectives and build leadership potential for the benefit of those they support and care for. Japan is one of a number of countries considered progressive and innovative in their approaches in these fields.

Diana is one of three delegates from the ‘seniors’ sector taking part in the young leaders’ development initiative, and one of nine representatives from New Zealand in all. She’ll join with similar delegations from Germany, Finland and hosts Japan and, on her return, will provide a written report to the Japanese government on the issues that have been considered during this exciting visit.